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How to Choose a Wheelchair Cab With the Right Fit

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Not all cabs work for all wheelchair users. If you can't get out of your wheelchair to get into a taxi, then you have to choose a company that has accessible vehicles that are suitable for your needs.

Which features should you look out for?

Type of Ramp

Some cabs come with automatic ramps. They slide out from under the door. Others use portable ramps. Here, the driver puts the ramp in place before you wheel into the vehicle.

While portable ramps are a workable option, they might not be as stable as automatic products. Portable ramps can sometimes shift, especially if they don't sit on even ground. You don't want to feel insecure as you wheel yourself into the taxi.

Automatic ramps tend to be more stable and secure. You shouldn't have any stability problems. Ask cab companies about the kinds of ramps their vehicles use.

Ramp Size

Wheelchair ramps come in different widths. While this might not be a problem if you use a manual wheelchair, it can be an issue if you're in an electric wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are often wider than manual ones. They might not fit on a narrower ramp.

So, check if the company's ramps are the right width for your chair. If you can't get your wheelchair onto the ramp, you won't be able to get into the taxi.

Ramp Weight Capacity

It's important to make sure that a wheelchair cab ramp can take the weight of you and your chair. While ramps are supposed to do this, some take less weight than others. Some also get damaged over time as they are used and might not be in the best shape. They might bend as you go up and down them and feel unstable.

The weight of your wheelchair, and your own weight, matters here. If you have a heavier combined limit, then you should check that the taxi company's ramps can bear the weight. You also need to know that the company checks and maintains its ramps regularly.

Interior Headroom

Once you're safely inside a cab, you want a comfortable ride. Headroom plays a part here. If the cab doesn't have enough headroom, then you'll feel cramped and restricted. Even a short journey will be uncomfortable if you have to hunker down in your wheelchair to give yourself more space.

Look for accessible cabs with extra headroom if you can. These cabs are designed to give wheelchair users more height to sit in comfortably.

To get started, talk to local taxi companies and ask about their wheelchair cabs.